Anasayfaya Dön

General Information

Office of Administrative and Financial Affairs


Mehmet Saruhan: Head of Administrative and Financial Affairs Office

General Information

Batman University Office of Administrative and Financial Affairs works to provide that University resources are used optimally and efficiently, and ensure that University activities and services are planned and carried out effectively. 

Duties and Responsibilities include; 

  • Purchase of necessary goods and services with University resources
  • Storage and allocation of goods and services
  • Operations regarding tuition payments
  • Collecting and recording student tuition and fees
  • Keeping the student financial records
  • Operations regarding salaries/wages
  • Deposit of salaries/payments
  • Calculation of social security deductions
  • Calculation and deposit of payments for extra classes
  • Budgeting services, planning and implementation of the budget
  • Accounting transactions
  • Services regarding financial issues

Providing the highest standards of accounting and financial reporting.